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Adri Roos

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IBTC, Distance learning in south africa

Adri Roos


Find out what student Adri Roos has to say about studying with IBTC.

Why did you choose IBTC?

I attended an Open Day in Sandton which included a free C01 Class demonstration and I was impressed with the professional manner in which the lecturer conducted the class.
Briefly describe your experience with IBTC?
I have found the lecturers very helpful in keeping me motivated and they are highly knowledgeable on the subjects they teach.
IBTC makes sure that their study material is always up to date and the course notes received in class is a comprehensive summary of what you are expected to know in the exams.
Having written CIMA Exams through other institutions, I find IBTC’s exam sittings less stressful and more organised.  IBTC’s staff is always friendly and happy to assist wherever they can.
Would you recommend IBTC to a friend?
I would definitely recommend IBTC to friends and colleagues and have done so before.
Where do you see yourself in the next three-five years?
My aim is to complete my CIMA Qualification within the next three years and with the knowledge gained from my studies start my own business.