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Tinashe Mashoyoya

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Tinashe Mashoyoya


C1 Fundamentals of Management Accounting, Sandton

C2 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, Sandton

C3 Fundamentals of Business Mathematics, Sandton



Tinashe is an experienced independent lecturer and private tutor who has helped a number of students achieve academic success. Having studied for a Bcom Accounting honours from MSU (2003-2006), he went on to further his studies with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) from where he obtained an Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business in the process. His lecture philosophy revolves around helping students discover their strengths and weaknesses with the ultimate aim of consolidating strengths and turning around weaknesses. He lectures CIMA certificate level subjects- Management Accounting, Financial Accounting and Business Mathematics. He is a staunch admirer of Arsenal football club.