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CIMA 2015


There are going to be some big changes to the way tuition providers offer their CIMA courses next year. While we are still very focused on the November exams, we are ready to roll out the necessary changes to ensure we offer the best CIMA tuition possible. 

The most notable changes to the CIMA syllabus next year will be computer based on-demand Objective Test (OT) and Integrated Case Study (ICS) exams. As this gives students greater flexibility to attempt their exams, tuition providers must adapt to ensure they are able to support students on the new syllabus.

We have increased the number of classroom start dates so students are able to join online or part time evening and weekend classes more often. This means less waiting for classes to start.

We have also focused on exam prep classes to prepare students specifically for OT and ICS exams.  



We have worked hard to make sure students are able to take advantage of the on-demand OT exams and increased ICS sittings. We want students to be able to progress at a pace that they are comfortable with, whether that is two levels per year or one subject at a time. 


Home Study 

Ideal if you're a disciplined self-starter. All your material is included, as well as two marked progress tests and a marked mock exam. Material includes a study text, practice-and-revision kit, passcards, 2 x progress tests, mock exam, study programme, tutor support and online resources. Students typically like to combine this option with exam prep classes or the home study ICS prep

Cost: R2,300


Online Classes

Includes online access to your study programme, lecture videos (about 30-60 min per chapter), revision videos, online progress tests, an assigned tutor and a cohort where you can engage with other students, plus a hard copy of your textbook, practice-and-revision kit and course notes.

Cost: R4,500


Part time evening and weekend classes 

Covers the taught and revision component and includes your textbook, practice-and-revision kit, passcards, course notes, revision notes, progress tests and a mock exam day. There are 6-7 taught classes and 3-4 revision classes. Evening classes are from 18:00 to 21:00. Saturday classes start at 8:30, 11:30 and 14:30. Please check the timetable for start dates.

Cost: R5,500


Revision Classes

Revise the subject content over two full days (typically a Saturday and Sunday from 9am-4pm). This includes revision notes and is ideal if you want to prepare for an OT or an ICS exam and quickly want to revise the subject.

Cost: R2,500


Exam Prep Classes (for OT exams)

Although key concepts will be covered, the focus is on practising exam-standard questions. Practice, practice, practice. Material includes revision notes and one mock exam. Typically this is conducted over 3 evening classes plus one marked mock-exam session on the 4th evening.

Cost: R1,500 


Exam Prep Classes (for ICS exams)

You don't need to study anything new for your ICS. Here the focus is on the case study analysis and reviewing the key concepts of all three subjects on which your ICS exam will be based. We will also cover exam technique and do lots of exam-standard question practice. This is typically over 4 full days and includes up to 3 mock exams.

Cost: R5,000


Exam Prep Home Study (for ICS exams) 

You don't need to study anything new for your ICS. Here the focus is on the case study analysis and reviewing the key concepts of all three subjects on which your ICS exam will be based. Your material will cover exam technique and include loads of exam-standard questions. Included is a workbook, a case study analysis and up to three mock exams. 

Cost: R3,000


Pre-seen analysis

A quick 3-hour session in which our top lecturer takes you through the pre-seen case study on which your ICS exam will be based. We will illustrate different responses based on our 'best guess' of what you can expect in the unseen portion. 

Cost: R550



With the introduction of an Integrated Case Study (ICS) at the end of each level, students will be required to write an Objective Test (OT) for each subject before attempting the ICS. The OT exams are available on-demand and can be written at our Cape Town or Sandton accredited Pearson Vue assessment centres. Click here for more information about our assessment centres.

CIMA have introduced two additional exam sittings for the ICS. Students will be able to attempt the ICS exams in February, May, August and November. The ICS exams will also be available at our Pearson Vue assessment centres.