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Foundation Level

The Foundation Level is the entry route into the Office Administration Programme. If you do not qualify for recognition of prior learning (RPL), you will enter the programme here. The Foundation Level consists of six subjects. Upon completion of all six subjects you will be awarded a Certificate: Office Administration.

Business and Office Administration 1

This subject covers the role of the receptionist, handling mail, record management systems, the role and function of the secretary, an introduction to computing, the Windows operating system, working with internet and email, the rules of typing, and creating business documents.

Bookkeeping to Trial Balance

This subject covers an introduction to business, bookkeeping and accounting, Value Added Tax and source documents, recording cash transactions, recording credit and sundry transactions, inventory systems, individual accounts for debtors and creditors, supplier and general ledger reconciliations, the bank reconciliation process and drafting financial statements.

Business Literacy

This subject covers the key principles of effective business communication, working with numbers, spoken communication, working with fractions and decimal numbers, written communication, percentages, ratios, proportions and equations, work readiness, using interest rates in business, and how to measure, analyse and communicate workplace data.

Marketing Management and Public Relations

This subject covers the basic concepts in marketing management, the internal marketing environment, the external marketing environment, formulating a marketing strategy, understanding ‘product’ in the marketing mix, understanding ‘place’ in the marketing mix, understanding ‘price’ in the marketing mix, understanding ‘promotion’ in the marketing mix, and the roles of public relations and mass communication in business.

Business Law and Administrative Practice

This subject covers an introduction to the law, the law of contract, breach of contract, remedies for breach of contract, termination of contracts, the law of delict, contracts of sale, credit agreements, contracts of lease, contracts of agency, contracts of partnership, business entities, contracts of insurance, contracts of suretyship, negotiable instruments, contracts of employment, intellectual property and competition law, and environmental law.

Cost and Management Accounting

This subject covers an introduction to managerial accounting, controlling inventory and overhead costs, accounting for a manufacturing enterprise, job costing, budgeting and standard costing, contract accounting, process costing and financial management. 

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Lecturers for this Course

Tim Mukisa
E1Enterprise Operations, Pretoria E2 Ent...
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Danie Marais
P1 Performance Operations, Cape Town
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