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Strategic Professional Level

This levels explores more advanced professional skills, techniques and values. These are required at a senior level by accountants working in an advisory or consultancy role.

Strategic Professional

Exam code



Strategic Business Leader


Strategic Business Reporting




Advanced Financial Management


Advanced Performance Management


Advanced Taxation


Advanced Audit and Assurance


Professional Level Fees

When studying ACCA, your fees are typically split between the institute (ACCA) and the college (IBTC). You must ensure that you pay your ACCA fees in full directly to the ACCA. We are currently unable to assist with ACCA payments. 


Payment Options 

Choose a payment plan that works best for you, click here to view the payment options available to you.



* Please note that IBTC tuition fees do not include ACCA institute fees. You must ensure that you pay your ACCA  fees in full directly to ACCA.

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