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Operational Level

The operational level is made up of three subjects. Students who have completed the Operational level are awarded the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting and will receive the letters CIMA Dip MA. 

Currently showing downloads most relevant to: CIMA > Operational Level | See all 30 January 2017 CIMA Price List 2017
pdfCIMA 2017 Price List.pdf
31 January 2017 CIMA Product Matrix 2017
pdfCIMA Product Matrix 2017_Whats included.pdf
11 August 2016 CIMA Online Classes Timetable 2017
pdfONLINE CIMA Timetable 2017_3.pdf
25 July 2016 CIMA CertBA Syllabus 2017
pdfCert BA Syllabus 2017.pdf
14 February 2014 CIMA Professional Qualification Syllabus 2015
25 August 2015 CIMA FASSET Accreditation
pdfFASSET CIMA Accreditation 2015.pdf
25 August 2015 CIMA Global Learning Premium Partner 2015
pdfCIMA Premium Partner 2015.pdf
15 July 2014 Key changes to the CIMA syllabus
pdfKey changes to the CIMA syllabus.pdf
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