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Certified Accounting Technician

The Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) qualification is a technician-level qualification. Students may attempt this after completing the FIA Diploma in Accounting and Business as well as continuing with the ACCAs 'skills' level subjects.

The CAT qualification comprises of 3 subjects (students must complete at least two out of three) which focus on taxation, financial management and audit.

Currently showing downloads most relevant to: FIA > Certified Accounting Technician | See all 30 January 2017 ACCA Price List 2018
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31 January 2017 ACCA Product Matrix 2017
pdfACCA Product Matrix 2017.pdf
31 October 2017 FIA Online Classes Timetable 2018
pdfFIA OCR TT 2018.pdf
19 January 2017 ICB Product Matrix
pdfICB Product Matrix 2017.pdf
16 September 2013 Sponsored Student Requirements

Important information for students who will have their studies paid for by their company or a sponsor.

pdfSponsored Student Requirements.pdf
17 March 2014 How to submit your course exams to BPP (online students only)
pdfHow to upload your submission for marking.pdf
4 August 2014 BEE Certificate
pdfQSE Certificate - IBTC CC.PDF
6 September 2013 Foundations in Accountancy Qualification Structure
pdfFoundations in Accountancy Qualification.pdf
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