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How to Study

We understand that balancing your studies, work life and personal life can be hard. You can't always give 100% to each aspect, and have to find ways to make studying as easy as possible.

That's why we have come up with a wide range of study options to give you the flexibility and choice to help you make the most of your study time.

So, whether you prefer to attend evening classes, study online or study at home, we have a study option to suit your needs.

Study options

Find out more about our study options here:


Starting your studies

It's pretty simple to start studying with us. And we'll keep working on making your studies as simple as possible. 

So how do I get started?

Well first you need to know what course you want to study. You'll find plenty of information about our courses throughout our website which should help simplify your decision. If you are not sure, we highly recommend you give us a call on 0861 111 411 and chat to a student consultant for advice of which course is best suited for you.

If you'd prefer to email us you can use the contact link (use our online chat on the bottom right of your screen or on our contact page). 

Once you have chatted to one of our consultants or you've figured out which course you want to start with you need to choose your study method. So this is when you decide to study from home, online or attend part time evening and weekend classes. And as always, please make use of our student consultant to advise you on the best study option for you.

All you need to do next is click the Book Now button (top right) and follow the prompts. You can then decide to pay in full or via payment plan or just have a quote sent to you.



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