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Meet Thobela: ICB student and Junior Bookkeeper

Thobela “Thobie” Mblashwa is a Junior Bookkeeper at IBTC, a professional education company specialising in business and finance qualifications. Thobie wasn’t hired as a bookkeeper though, she started part time helping in our dispatch department packing boxes. 
Nikki Maritz, CEO of IBTC, says that ‘she was a hard worker who took an interest in studying the ICBs Accounting Certification Programme’. How did she get interested in studying the ICB? Well not everyone would have taken much interest in what she was packing, so working in a warehouse full of educational material she opened up the books and let us know what she wanted.
Thobie gave us no choice but to take her on full time in the warehouse. We took the decision to sponsor her studies with the ICB in 2011 and never looked back. 
But this type of success doesn’t come without hard work. “I failed Business Literacy three times in a row, but didn’t want to give up” says Thobie. At the time she lived in a settlement with her mother, brother and two sisters. With no desk or electricity, she studied with a paraffin lamp one her bed. Thobie continues to say that ‘she knew she had to move out and get her own place if she wanted to continue studying. She moved into a place of her own and sacrificed running water and electricity so she could focus on her studies. 
The pay off? Thobie went on to achieve 74% in her Bookkeeping to Trial Balance exam. This determination inspired an IBTC lecturer to tutor her for free after work and on weekends. ‘Everybody wanted this girl to succeed’ admits Nikki. ‘We knew we found someone special and with a little help could turn her life around.’ 
Today, Thobie is a Certified Junior Bookkeeper and is planning on working towards her Senior Bookkeeping qualification. Looking back from working as a street sweeper in Cape Town in 2010 to working as a bookkeeper in an office, she admits her life is very different now.
Thobie, we are lucky to have you as part of the IBTC family – keep up the good work.

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