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You are invited

Come join in a fun day packed with opportunities for you to meet fellow students, lecturers and student advisors. Explore our campus and facilities, and get a feel for the atmosphere here at IBTC.

Feel free to bring along those who will be helping you make the decision about where to study and what to study.




Programme Highlights

  • Getting started with IBTC
  • 2019 syllabus - what you need to know
  • How to pass your Case Study exam
  • Expert advice
  • Mid-year start - it's not too late

Who should attend?

  •    Thinking of studying a financial qualification and you're not sure which one is best.
  •     Want to find out how it works (registration, exemptions, the exams, your study options).
  •     Studying, but keep failing and looking for more support.
  •     Want to connect with other students, speak to a lecturer and get study tips.
  •     Want to hear the experts talk about study methods and planning.


Where to find us

Our CIMA Open Days will be held at our different campuses around South Africa. To make sure you do not miss out, please see the venues and dates below.

Do not walk away without asking these questions

1. How can I pass first time?
2. How will the IBTC study plan help me study better?
3. What support will I receive from IBTC to complete my qualification quicker?
4. Which Study Option best suits me?
5. How do I get started?