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Financial Statements Classes


 Preparing financial statements is at the heart of every accountant's job. It's critical that you get it right and that you understand what you're doing. It's not hard to understand or to master, but it can be a bit tricky when you don't have someone explaining the basics to you. Join our part-time evening or Saturday classes to learn the trick of the trade. 

It's just easier (and so much faster) when an expert can explain it to you, in a way you can easily understand it. Attending classes has saved many of our students time and money - because 1hr in class equals 3hrs at home AND because passing first time gets you qualified faster and earning more, faster.


Start dates

In 2018, our Financial Statement classes start on these days and continue for 11 sessions. We may have a break in-between some classes, which means that your total course duratin may exceed 11 weeks.

Our classes prepare you for an exam in June or November.


 Semester 1, 2018

 Semester 2, 2018

Financial Statements

14 Feb (for June exam)

04 Aug (for Nov exam)


Exam Dates

 Our classes prepare you for the following exam dates:

  • Classes starting in semester 1 (March): prepares you for a June exam sitting
  • Classes starting in semester 2 (Jun/July): prepares you for a November exam sitting



Cash price: R4,950

Payment terms (interest free): Deposit of R1980 and 3 x R900

Get a quotation or book a seat by using the 'book now' button on this page. You can also get a quotation or invoice for your company here. Simply select 'send quote' for a quotation or 'pay via EFT or credit card' if you want to pay in full or wish to pay a deposit. Remember to select the Payment Plan if you want to make use of our special terms offer.  


Course outline

 The table below outlines the programme that will be followed in class.


Bookkeeping to Trial Balance 

Financial Statements 

Cost and Management Accounting 

Corporate Strategy  

Class 1 

Installation and registration of Pastel Partner V4 

Introduction to business , bookkeeping and accounting 

Introduction to managerial accounting 

Introduction to strategic Management 

Class 2 

Pastel language and navigation 

Value Added Tax and source documents 

Controlling Inventory and overhead costs 

Formulating strategic direction 

Class 3 

Creating and setting up a company in Pastel Partner V4 

Recording Transactions 

Accounting for a manufacturing Enterprise 

The context of strategic direction 

Class 4 

Creating and maintain general ledger accounts 

Recording credit and sundry transactions 

Job Costing 

Formulation of corporate goals and objectives 

Class 5 

Create and maintain supplier accounts 

Inventory Systems 

Budgeting and Standard Costing 

Strategy identification and formulation 

Class 6 

Create  and maintain inventory accounts 

Individual accounts for debtors and creditors and suppliers and ledger reconciliations 

Contract Accounting 

Strategy evaluation and selection 

Class 7 

Create and maintain inventory items 

Bank reconciliation 

Process Costing 

Strategic Implementation 

Class 8 

Supplier and customer processing 

Drafting Financial Statements 

Recapping  1 - 7 

Continual Improvement through strategic control and evaluation 

Class 9 

Customer processing, cash book, petty cash and journal processing 

Drafting Financial Statements 

Financial Management 

Strategic management and non-profit organisations 

Class 10 

Month end and year end procedures 


Financial Management 


Class 11 

Mock exam feedback and final exam tips 

Mock exam feedback and final exam tips 


Mock exam feedback and final exam tips 


Mock exam feedback and final exam tips 


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