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Choose a business qualification that sets you apart. ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) has four programmes that are split into two streams, Financial stream and Administration stream.  


Financial Stream 

ICB Financial Accounting 

ICB Business Management 

ICB Entrepreneurship 


Administration Stream 

ICB Office Administration 


Each programme has various levels through which you progress with a national qualification awarded at each level. 



All your study fees are split between IBTC(college) and ICB (institution). ICB is responsible for your registration, subscription and exam fees so those must be paid directly to ICB. What we, as IBTC, accept from you are your study material and tuition fees.

 Payment options

  • You have an option to include your ICB fees in your IBTC booking, and we will pay it over to the ICB on your behalf. If you decide to follow this route then select 'EFT or other' when prompted for a payment method on the ICB website.
  • Your other option is to simply pay your ICB fees directly to the ICB via EFT, credit card or SnapScan

IBTC fees

The fees you pay to IBTC will buy you your study material and tuition, but exclude the ICB's institute fees.

To view the fees click here

ICB fees

Please ensure that you register as a student and for your exams directly with the ICB on their Student Portal, even if you are planning on including your ICB institute fees in your IBTC booking.


Click here to view ICB's institute fees 

Payment Plan

There is a range of payment options available to you, whether you are paying for your own studies or are fortunate enough to have a sponsor.

You have a choice to pay via electronic funds transfer, cash deposit, bank transfer, online via credit card or manually over the phone via our speed point machines.


The payment plan allows you to pay for your studies over a maximum of 4 month, interest free, depending on the course you have chosen to study.  You are required to select the payment plan option when creating a booking or quote on our website to display the payment plan terms.


We can only confirm bookings once we receive the following from you:


The debit order form is emailed to you with the pro-forma invoice if the payment plan has been selected via our website. The debit order form is also available to download from the student downloads tab  on the website or you can request that it be emailed to you.


Products available on the payment plan

  • Home study
  • Online classes
  • Part time evening or weekend classes
  • Revision Classes
  • Workshops
  • Exam Prep Classes
  • Institute fees (student registration, subscription, exemption)
  • Exam fees


How to calculate debit order payments?


Product Type


Number of payments

Monthly % split







Institute Fees





Exam Fees





The first debit order collection will be collected the month after the initial deposit is received. 

When are the debit order collection dates?

There are fixed dates for collections:

  • 1st
  • 15th
  • 25th
  • Last day of the month (28th, 29th, 30th or 31st)


Should any of the above dates fall on a Sunday or Public Holiday, the collection date will move to the very next working day.


Collection files are sent to FNB 2 days prior to collections. Any changes to the collections need to be amended manually.


Payment plan eligibility

Only South African residents are eligible for the payment plan. Students with poor credit or previous defaulters are also not eligible unless arrangements have been made with Finance. IBTC may request additional information to complete your debit order.


All special arrangements are at the discretion of our Finance Department.

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