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Choose a business qualification that sets you apart. ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) has four programmes that are split into two streams, Financial stream and Administration stream.  


Financial Stream 

ICB Financial Accounting 

ICB Business Management 

ICB Entrepreneurship 


Administration Stream 

ICB Office Administration 


Each programme has various levels through which you progress with a national qualification awarded at each level. 


The IBTC Study Plan is designed to get you exam ready. Our goal is for you to achieve a first time pass as quickly as possible.  

At first glance the Study Plan may look straight forward, but it's designed very cleverly. It provides you with recommended study hours and suggested question practice. A good study plan will save you time and help you get better results.

Download your free study plan and find out how to study less and score higher.


Machine generated alternative text:The IBTC study Plan has changed the way I study. My studies do not seem so daunting anymore. Mfundo Thwala - IBTC Student ibtc


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