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Choose a business qualification that sets you apart. ICB (Institute of Certified Bookkeepers) has four programmes that are split into two streams, Financial stream and Administration stream.  


Financial Stream 

ICB Financial Accounting 

ICB Business Management 

ICB Entrepreneurship 


Administration Stream 

ICB Office Administration 


Each programme has various levels through which you progress with a national qualification awarded at each level. 



A course in entrepreneurship is really useful in helping you realise your dreams. It is often said that entrepreneurship can't be taught. But that isn't true. No qualification is going to teach you exactly what to do in order to have a successful business. That is achieved through hard work, being creative, doing a lot of research and having plenty of business skills.

What a course in entrepreneurship teaches you, is how to set up your business properly, how to access funds, how to organise financial structures, how to manage growth, how to form operational and strategic departments. It takes all the learnings (failures and successes) from past entrepreneurs and teaches you how to avoid similar pitfalls, or how to recognise pitfalls and deal with them.

When building a new business, there is no need to make mistakes through ignorance when a course could have helped you along quite easily on your road to success.

The ICB Entrepreneurship Programme is divided into three levels with the following qualifications awarded at each level:

Foundation Level

  • Award: National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management NQF 4


Intermediate level

  • Award: HIgher Certificate: Office Administration NQF 5


Advanced level

  • Award: National Diploma: Financial Accounting NQF 6


This programme comprises of 12 subjects which are distributed among the three levels. After completing each level, you will receive a national qualification.


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