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Leadership Skills

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Leadership matters, because extraordinary performing teams are the ultimate advantage for any business. No one and nothing comes to success without good leadership - on a personal and a business level.

We have selected the following short online courses to enhance your leadership skills. Courses are 1-2 hours long, but the effect will last a life-time. We believe, once you know better, you can do better.

Delegation For Success


Skilful delegation is one of the most important management skills and yet it is notoriously difficult for managers to crack. When done well, the benefits are huge for the manager, the employee delegated to and for the organisation as a whole.

It enables staff to learn and grow, frees up the manager's time to enable them to take on new responsibilities and finds the most efficient and cost-effective use of the organisation's resources.
View the video below for a course demonstration (6 mins). The full version of this course when purchased is approximately 50 mins and when completed with knowledge checker provides one CPD hour of training for various professional bodies.
CPD Points: 1

CPD Duration (hours): 1

Access: 12 months from purchase date
Price: R425

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Know when and how to delegate and who to delegate to
  • Realise what stops them from delegating and learn effective solutions for each
  • Accurately measure each individual's suitability for a job
  • Devise a delegation plan appropriate to the individual's level of readiness
  • Get the right balance of supervision for each individual without being too intrusive
  • Communicate the task so the employee delegated to knows exactly what is expected and is motivated to take it on
  • Develop a stronger, more cohesive and productive team
  • Grow their staff's capability and therefore increase the capacity of the team
  • Get the job done in the most efficient and cost-effective way for the organisation
  • Free up time to take on higher value tasks for themselves

Authored by: Simon Horton

Simon is a highly experienced trainer with many years experience of running personal development programmes at a host of blue-chip organisations. He began his career at Cap Gemini and, in 1989, left to work as a freelance management consultant, working mainly in the financial services sector. Simon also runs NLP certification courses to Master Practitioner level and presents regularly at NLP conferences.
A CPD certificate of completion will be provided by BPP Professional Education Limited upon successful completion of the online course.
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