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August 2017 Blog

ICB Study Tips from one student to the next


 Sometimes we sit and we think 'why did I even start studying'. You feel a bit low because your exams is three weeks away and you just cannot seem to grasp some concepts. I know, I have been there. So from one student to the next below I share some of my study tips (I am not the best student but the below helps me hopefully it helps you too). 

The best advice that anybody can give you to pass your exam is QUESTION PRACTICE. I know you may think but, I have done that, my question to you would be, have you really sat down and done it and if yes, how has that been working for you? 
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Tips from the Top


They say if you want something done, give it to a busy person.  

I was curious about that this week when I interviewed Badibanga Promesse, the Regional Vice President of Africa for the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants. Badibanga recently passed his CIMA Strategic Case Study exam first time, so I threw the question at him. 
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A real test of work-life balance

You wouldn't be wrong to think of Nafisa Kistan as someone who sits in the front row of life. She's at the front of the queue. She's just one of those people who is ahead.
Shortly after having been accepted into the institute as a CGMA, Nafisa was selected to be the speaker at the CIMA Annual Graduation Ceremony. At the same time Nafisa was selected as the new Operations Case Study lecturer at IBTC, about to take on a challenging new position and applied to start her ACCA studies. It's not uncommon for things in Nafisa's life to all happen at the same time … just to keep it real.
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