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National Vocational Qualifications in easy reach of aspirational , career-driven individuals

Our aim is to make a selection of NATED Business qualifications accessible to everyone in South Africa, irrespective of location, financial ability, physical ability, access to advanced technologies, restrictions imposed by family or work commitments and access to (affordable) transport.

[Currently pending QCTO accreditation. Planned intake is from Oct 2018 for the June 2019 and Nov 2019 exams. ]

What makes us different? Why study with IBTC?

It's not easy to study on your own. We believe students studying from home needs more help that they're currently getting. So we've developed our unique 'hand-holding programme'. We have a dedicated distance learning support team who gives you an orientation call at the start of your course and keep checking in with you to see if you're on track and if you need additional support. Our tutors are also chief examiners and very active in lecturing at local colleges - they are known for their remarkable pass rates and are waiting to help you get ready for your exam.

If you use our Study Programme and complete all your assignments by the set dates, we are so confident that you will pass first time, that you can come back for free if you don't.

Subject Recommendation

Discuss your study plan with one of our course consultants. We usually recommend that you start with 2 subjects to begin with, to make sure you're not too overloaded. However, some students like to kick off with four subjects at N4 and sit all of them in one exam sitting. Usually at N5 and N6 we suggest that you sit only two subjects per sitting.


National Certificates and Diplomas in:

  • Business Management
  • HR Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Management Assistant

All fees included! No surprises(includes DHET exam fee).

Fee: R3,300 per subject 
A full 4-subject level: R11,000
Make use of our easy payment plan: R660 x 5 months (no interest)
Fee includes all study material, all assessments for an ICASS mark, your Department of Education Exam Fee and a tutor. 





Subject level 

National N-Diploma: Business Management N6 

ID: 67036 

National Certificate: Business Management N4 



National Certificate: Business Management N5 



National Certificate: Business Management N6 

National N-Diploma: Human Resources Management N6 

ID: 67039 

National Certificate: Human Resources Management N4 



National Certificate: Human Resources Management N5 



National Certificate: Human Resources Management N6 

National N-Diploma: Management Assistant N6 

ID: 90674 

National Certificate: Management Assistant N4 



National Certificate: Management Assistant N5 



National Certificate: Management Assistant N6 

Special Offer

You qualify for a R500 discount on your first subject if you make contact Robert ( for an early booking. We'll add your name to the list of interested parties and be sure to contact you once we are ready to take enrolment.