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Master Classes

CIMA Master Classes - OT/CertBA

Question practice is key to passing your CIMA exam first time


Countless students neglect to do a sufficient amount of question practice before their exam. This usually leads to failure, studying harder and performing even worse.

The truth is that unless you do a lot of exam-standard question pracitce your chances of passing are slim. And nobody offers more question practice than IBTC.
Read here why question practice is important and how it improves your results.
When: Weeknights or Saturdays (usually around April and Oct)
Where: Sandton, Pretoria and Cape Town
What's covered: Master classes are heavily question based. There will be some revision of key concepts, but only as it relates to the debriefing of questions. 
Note: Students who are not familiar with the content of the subject at hand, will struggle to gain value from the master classes. We strongly recommend that you completely study the content before coming to these classes.
What is included?




  • Master classes
  • Mock exam
  • Lecturer support
  • 100 FREE questions via BPP Question Practice app  

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