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Your Study Plan

Assessment Model

Our assessment model has been carefully designed to build up exam fitness.

There are various types and levels of assessment and question practice you must do throughout your studies, and they are not all exam-standard, by design. Some assessment tools aim to inform you if you are ready to proceed to the next chapter. Other assessment tools acts as confidence builder or checks exam readiness.

Simply following our Study Plans means that you are following our assessment formula, which should result in a first-time pass, combined with sufficient knowledge of the content.

The IBTC study plans are an integral part of our Pass Assured Promise. 



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Study Plans for CIMA

 Download your free CIMA study plans here.

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Study Plans for ACCA

 Download your free ACCA Study Plans here. 

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Study Plans for FIA

Get your FIA study planS here.

Want to qualify for Pass Assured Promise? Make sure you familiarise yourself with the requirements as it relates to this Study Plan.


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Study Plan for ICB

 Download your free ICB study plans here. 

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